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Specializing in Acoustics, Video and Telemetry Multiplexer Systems  

Telemetry: Long Line Coax, Fiber Optic and Ethernet Systems

Multiplexers:  Complete Systems, or Individual Components

Sonar Systems:  Acoustic Transmitters and Receivers 

Radio Spectrum Labs was formed in 1992 as part of a consortium of three companies; including HR Industries, Inc. (dba HR Labs), an electronics contract assembly house specializing in turn-key assembly and custom circuit design of uProcessor control cards for customer applications, and Acoustic Marine Systems, Inc, an innovative manufacturer of deep ocean sonar systems with the first commercial sonar that offered dual bathymetric and image capability.  After the sale of HR Labs and AMS, RSL continued to design and refine the telemetry, video, and sonar components that lead to today's system capabilities.