Electronic Design and Manufacture

Typical control Screen for Camera/Instrument towfish.
The Multi-Channel Series (MCS) provides reliable serial communications over long coax cables, up to 33,000 ft of RG-213. The system also provides simultaneous real time video and multiple bi-directional telemetry channels.   

The MCS units are divided into several assemblies with each offering different data rates.  Specifically designed for frequency division multiplexing(FDM). They support data rates between 2400 and 38.4K baud.  A special assembly pair, the -07/08 version, also supports analog data.  
The MCS series are designed on the PC104 circuit board footprint. Daisy-chained SMA coaxes provide the MUX( 50 ohm ) port for operation. All cards have a highly reliable low data error rate, along with a large dynamic input signal range capability.

Power/Telemetry Interface Units, see products section,
sumsthelow level channel signals onto the tow cable's AC or DC power system. The 50 ohm MUX port is typically useful from 50kHz to 15MHz for the bi-directional telemetry channels.

MODEM Systems

Typical Telemetry/Video System with uProcessor Controller

A control screen or GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) allows the operator to use the  control computer's mouse to activate functions in the towfish electronics.  In the control screen above, the data in the "Messages" box is also logged onto a file for data storage for the cruise log. The information from the instruments in the  Data Logging section is also stored in memory, as an option.  The system shown has a compass, pressure gauge, altimeter unit,  and an attitude control sensor package installed.
Customer Installed MODEM group into an underwater Data Acquisition System